The Strength Of Mother And Baby Internet Celebrities Should Not Be Underestimated, And The Monetization Method Has Also Changed From Traffic Monetization To Content Monetization

Too many influencers, not many audiences. In the era of Taobao and live broadcasting, those pale-faced internet celebrities have shifted from internet terminals to mobile devices with the development of technology, and the gathering platforms of internet celebrities have also gradually transitioned to Weibo, WeChat and other mass social area platforms, as well as Zanjiao, Kuaishou, Inke and other live broadcast platforms have played well on various channels such as short videos, live broadcasts, Weibo, WeChat, etc., and have been followed by a large number of fans. The traffic easily exceeded 100,000+, and they instantly became the focus of public attention. Content monetization has gradually become a way to move from offline catwalks to online. With its own brand, accumulation of fans, and the connection advantages of mobile Internet +, vertical Internet celebrities are becoming the wind vane of Internet celebrities in the second half of their entrepreneurship.

In “Her Economy”, the income of 50w fans is small net red , and the key consumer goods are concentrated in the two categories of mother and baby and beauty. Zhang Quanling, the founding partner of Ziniu Fund, once said, “Among the internet celebrities I invest in, the fastest growing one is from the maternal and infant industry”, which shows that the strength of maternal and infant internet celebrities should not be underestimated. What are the characteristics of mother and baby Internet celebrities? How do mother and baby Internet celebrities connect content and products to achieve 1+1>2 marketing effects?

In less than a year, two “million net red mothers” have been hatched,

How to be a good catalyst for mother and baby Internet celebrities?

“In the future, the gameplay of new retail will become more and more community-based, and Internet celebrities are a good starting point,” said Han Fei, CEO of Hangzhou Wanyou & a core member of the Cherry Club during his observation and communication with the maternal and child industry. Hangzhou Wanyou is an Internet celebrity incubator focusing on the field of mother and baby. Two years ago, Han Fei was inspired by womenswear internet celebrities to try out mother and baby internet celebrities. He invited a former colleague of Ali and another friend who was engaged in medicine to start a business. Although the three of them had different previous jobs, they had a common identity – a nanny father. The three nanny fathers are experienced in parenting, On the basis of e-commerce and other work, Han Fei is confident that he “will not take too many detours”, and mature women’s clothing Internet celebrities can also learn from it. The latter two are similar in “marketing skills and operation methods”. “

In less than a year, the two internet celebrity mothers managed to make millions and have hundreds of thousands of fans. This is part of Hangzhou Wanyou CEO Han Fei’s “Million Mothers Plan”, signing 10 Internet celebrity mothers a year, allowing them to earn 1 million, that is, orders with sales of 10 million, and then promoted to 30 and 100, Han Fei Introduced two well-known Internet celebrities under Wanyou. One is a million-dollar internet celebrity mother named “i Ruoruo” on Weibo. The hot mom label has a distinctive style and focuses on original parent-child clothing products. The number of Bo fans is nearly 100,000, and the number of fans of the Taobao store it operates is nearly 300,000. The other is a fashion and lifestyle internet celebrity “En Xiao Enai Xiao Ai”, with over 500,000 Weibo followers and nearly 2 million Kuaishou followers, mainly through Taobao original parent-child clothing and Haitao beauty. Make a sale.

Han Fei believes that “mother and baby Internet celebrities, beauty Internet celebrities, and women’s clothing Internet celebrities are actually somewhat different in terms of capacity and directivity. Beauty and women’s clothing are a single industry, while mother and baby is a vertical and huge market segment. The positioning of mother and baby Internet celebrities also determines that mother Internet celebrities are more convincing and easier to gain trust. Wanyou currently has signed more than ten mother Internet celebrities, most of which are located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. District, this year Wanyou strives to strive for Make a big circle, build a team of thousands, and strive to build a “head net red” on the basis of the “Million Mother Plan”.

Four Characteristics of Maternal and Infant Internet Celebrities

How do you define influencers and celebrities? What are the unique characteristics of mother and baby Internet celebrities?

Han Fei, who was born in Ali, introduced Taobao’s internal classification system, “According to the size of the appeal, it will be divided into four levels: talents, creative talents, big coffees, and celebrities. Internet celebrities will be divided into the highest-level Internet celebrities. , Internet celebrities are the most unique group in the Daren system. They have high appearance, high image recognition, high fan stickiness and appeal. Their stores have a high influence in the industry. We want to create such a group of mothers and babies. Internet celebrities can deliver positive value to audiences, with high fan stickiness. Users’ social network shopping behavior patterns are built through word-of-mouth endorsements through the system of knowing, understanding, trusting, purchasing, authoritative endorsement, and acquaintance trust. Examples of where endorsements play an important role.”

In addition, Han Fei summarized the mother and baby Internet celebrities who have successfully hatched and found that they have four more important characteristics:

This is a somewhat suspicious behavior. “Our influencers don’t put on airs. They mainly show everyone the subtleties of life. 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 followers of the Internet celebrity income , sharing is also very straightforward, so a little second, fans will feel very close to the people.”

Second, double labels. Han Fei believes that every internet celebrity mother has two labels, one is to support life and the other is to support commercialization. The purpose of life is to shorten the distance with users, and on the commercial label, the field of Internet celebrity mothers is good at teaching everyone to cook, match, shop overseas, choose baby clothes and nutritional products, etc.

3. Mother-infant combination.

Fourth, the output of life content and professional knowledge can be carried out.

Step by step upgrade from Internet celebrity e-commerce to content IP

In the context of consumption upgrades, people are increasingly emphasizing “personalized” consumption, and many personalized consumptions are driven by “Internet celebrities”. It is the most profound manifestation of this upgrade. On the one hand, Internet celebrity e-commerce companies need to stick to their own taste and product quality. On the other hand, as the source of content output, Internet celebrities also need to think about how to continuously create content with personal labels and create differentiated and recognizable brands. In the final analysis, the production of high-quality content is the foundation that drives the people behind to form a brand symbol. The strength of mother and baby Internet celebrities should not be underestimated, and the monetization method also changes from traffic monetization to content monetization, focusing on the creation of personalized content and making content an IP, which should be are attractive hard currencies and targets. The current way of survival of Internet celebrities.

“At present, there are three main ways to realize the realization of mother and baby Internet celebrities: self-operated product sales, joint product promotion, and brand market on-site promotion. Wanyou currently sells the highest proportion of self-operated products, and some categories are only required for seasonal changes. Mainly It is non-standard clothing. In terms of marketing methods, we will use some scene marketing activities, graphic drafts, Taobao live broadcast, a live broadcast, short video, etc., and group purchase of beauty products and maternal and child products for planting and promotion. Wanyou is a pathfinder. Children’s clothing has done brand promotion activities, customized the theme activities of the baby rock climbing competition suitable for outdoor adventure clothing positioning, and invited the Internet celebrity baby to wear the pathfinder children’s clothing to participate in the rock climbing competition. The Internet celebrity mother will broadcast the game process and cheer for the baby with fans. And through text messages, the old customer area of ​​Hangzhou, Pathfinder, was invited to sign up for the competition, forming an online and offline linkage. The effect is very good. At present, the repurchase rate of the main products on our platform is 70%, and the fans of Wanyou Internet celebrity are very sticky. .From platform competition to capital entry, continuous high-quality content output is the cornerstone of traffic and commercialization. We will steadily move forward at our own pace, step by step from Internet celebrity e-commerce to content IP, and become the industry leader. The quality of life for the class.”

On the road of Internet celebrity e-commerce upgrading to content IP, producing high-quality content, acquiring traffic and monetizing is an eternal trilogy. The same is true for mother and baby internet celebrities. How do the internet celebrity and the team behind her continue to produce high-quality content, how to make users spend the same amount of money to consume content, and how to create more content to form a closed transaction loop? The pace of fan growth, the continuous maturity and change of psychology and mentality, and the grasp of fashion trends… Han Fei is running on this road with his “Million Mother Project”.

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