How To Write Swot Analysis [Hengshi Education] Teacher S (Advantage) Of Xi’an No. 44 Middle School

SWOT Self Analysis

——Analyst Name: Zheyuan Unit: Xi’an No. 44 Middle School Occupation: Teacher

S (Advantage)

1. Educational background: Graduated from Shaanxi Normal University Major: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Education: Bachelor

2. Have a good enterprising spirit and a clear personal career development plan;

3. Bear hardships and stand hard work, be good at learning and accepting new things, and have strong communication and coordination skills;

4. After two rounds of high school cycle teaching, I initially formed my own teaching style;

5. Possess certain teaching and research ability and practical ability, and have rich experience in class teacher management.

W (weak)

1. Occasionally lazy and afraid, clumsy writing;

2. The theoretical basis of teaching and research is relatively weak;

3. The development of teaching and research lacks a certain degree of systematicness and coherence.

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O (Chance)

1. With the implementation of the new course reform, the student-centered teaching concept can give full play to my hobbies and knowledge , and my course quality can be further improved.

2. As the head teacher, I can give full play to my advantages, let the class implement artistic management, and maximize the potential of students.

3. The school’s “people-oriented” teaching philosophy allows every teacher to have full space for development.

T (Threat)

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1. Competition is everywhere;

2. Performance appraisal

In view of the above SWOT self-analysis, a three-year career goal and action plan for personal growth are specially formulated:

(1) Theoretical research:

1. Read at least 3 educational and teaching theory monographs on how to write swot analysis , write down reading experience and reading notes;

2. Make full use of excellent online education resources for middle school subjects to strengthen learning;

(2) Course Kai:

1. Host or participate in at least one municipal-level class question;

2. Edit the school-based homework book “Study Guide”

(3) Class teaching:

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1. Taking our school’s “Three Steps and Five Links” high-efficiency classroom model as the carrier, combined with its own classroom teaching practice, to carry out classroom teaching research;

2. Open an on-campus research class every semester. [Hengshi Education] Teacher S (advantage) of Xi’an No. 44 Middle School, and do a good job of reflection after teaching;

3. Develop personalized lesson plans and study plans through action research.

(4) Education, teaching and research:

1. Actively participate in city and district youth teacher competitions and obtain rankings;

2. Strive to publish 2 high-quality professional papers in journals above the provincial level;

3. Participate in the research of provincial and municipal level topics and achieve phased results.

4. Study more, accumulate more materials, and improve your ability to prepare for class within a limited time.

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